Strengthen your brand with blockchain-verified product provenance for enhanced trust and customer loyalty

Complete product and supply chain transparency from raw materials to consumption

Boost trust by enabling direct verification by both customers and stakeholders

Establish an immutable blockchain record detailing each product or item’s entire journey and/or chain of custody including sourcing, raw materials and handling to the customer and/or consumer. Leave no doubts about the authenticity, ethical sourcing or legitimacy to the stakeholders.

Product provenance tracking and transparency

TokenX creates a tamper-proof record that shows where the product was sourced, how it was processed, where it was shipped and even if it was consumed.

Provenance tracking can help EU companies comply with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by providing the complete journey of products through their supply chains.

Supercharge your supply chain with TokenX


Track products from their origin to consumption with a comprehensive provenance record.


Our blockchain-based system is impervious to tampering, making it the perfect tool to demonstrate compliance.


A transparent and verifiable record of a product’s journey through the supply chain ensuring it has not been tampered with or contaminated along the way.

Environmental and Social

Mitigate ESG risks, through ensuring that products are produced in a sustainable manner, and improve brand reputation, trust and customer loyalty.

Stay ahead of the CSRD compliance curve with TokenX