Attract, engage, and connect with fans, attendees, customers, and consumers in new ways with cutting-edge Web3 proof of attendance tokens

How it works

Offer blockchain-based digital experiences tailored for both Web2 and Web3 brands and their customers

1. Mint

Define a token for an event and grant collectors the privilege of owning a a memory that will never fade in the form of a digital token preserved on the blockchain.

2. Share

Manage token availability and distribute batches of collectibles directly to your audience, whether it’s at events or online.

3. Connect & Communicate

Keep the memories alive by using tokens to unlock exclusive experiences like special events, discounts, swag, and more.

Engagement Tokens

Digital Ticket Stubs
Never lose your ticket with memorable tokens on the blockchain

Online Passports
Offer sets of tokens and rewards to collectors with fully assembled sets

Proof of Attendance
Whether it’s an in-person gathering or a virtual meetup, provide proof of participation for their attendance or successful completion of a certification.

Showcase accomplishments by earning tokens when you achieve certain milestones or contributions

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Build a direct bridge to your customers

Bypass platform-centric marketing channels and gain insights directly from customers through tokens

Fresh experiences that secure long-term engagement

Create immersive digital journeys that complement existing brand initiatives and reward long-term engagement

Boost digital sales and royalties

Generate new recurring revenue streams with built-in royalties from digital collectibles

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