How it Works

Enterprise Tokenization

Integrate TokenX powered capabilities into your existing ERP or legacy applications

A simple and practical solution for enterprises venturing into the world of Web3 that eliminates barriers to innovation such as a larger IT team and deep blockchain expertise.

We provide the tools and support you need to explore and thrive in the decentralized digital landscape, making enterprise adoption easier and more accessible than ever before.

Establish trust, solve problems, deliver value, unlock opportunities, and achieve compliance


Ensure the integrity of content and products by verifying and validating ownership, fraud protection, and tamper-proofing.


Establish product provenance and/or chain of custody throughout the supply chain, ensuring traceability and accountability from raw material sourcing to consumption.

Environmental and Social

Attract, engage, connect and communicate with fans, audiences, customers and consumers in new ways through Proof of Attendance tokens.

Customize your solution with robust tools to design, develop and pilot your solution

API References & Documentation

All the tools and detailed development guides your team needs to leverage TokenX endpoints to start developing, deploying, and applications with TokenX.


Explore our demos to experience TokenX in action and discover the possibilities through examples of reference applications.

Effortless Blockchain Integration

TokenX simplifies blockchain integration for Web2 and legacy applications, providing “low code capabilities” through user-friendly APIs, SDKs and reference applications that allow you to add token creation, transaction tracking, and ownership verification without extensive knowledge or investment in Web3 or blockchain technology.